Unexpected Developments

Past Imperfect – #319

SR 1319

Joan Crawford: “Bob, we really need to talk.”

Robert Aldrich: “What is it now, Joan? Was the caviar on the craft services table not stellar enough?”

Joan: “Very funny. No, you need to talk to the people who are doing my hair. They aren’t listening to me.”

Robert: “It looks alright. Is it not big enough for you?”

Joan: “It’s too big. That wretch Bette Davis tried to store one of her Oscars up in there.”

Robert: “Ah, so you bring up Bette once again. Isn’t that the real issue? Bette?”

Joan: “Of course not. We are both professionals, or at least I am, and I’m having a swell time working with that horrid woman.”

Robert: “Such a swell time that you’ve called in sick almost every day this week?”

Joan: “Bob, that has nothing to do with Bette.  I just have lingering medical issues from the last time that you directed Bette and me in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Robert: “And is one of those issues jealousy?”

Joan: “How absurd! I would never jeopardize this production over something so crass as holding a grudge over what that bit-”

Robert: “Oh, look, Olivia de Havilland has just driven up. If you’ll excuse me for a minute.”

Joan: “Olivia? She’s not in this movie…”

Robert: “She is now.”


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