Delusional People

Past Imperfect – #318

SR 1318

Marjorie: “It says right here in your contract that no scenes will be filmed unless your face is properly lit.”

Joan: “And why would you have an issue with that? Seems fair to me, since you’re just a supporting player and I’m the star.”

Marjorie: “You are not properly lit, sweetie. It looks like your head has been photo-shopped onto the robot from that ‘Metropolis’ movie.”

Joan:  “And that’s a bad thing?”

Marjorie: “Well, I suppose it’s not if you’re an emotionless automaton that will do anything it takes to remain relevant and popular.”

Joan: “Keep reading. That’s on page three.”


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    • I don’t know what went wrong where. She was actually very pretty when she was younger, but at some point she decided that “severe” was the look she was going for, and she kept at it, even when small children would run screaming from the room…


      • Yeah, there was a year or so in the beginning before the talkies when all the blackness was on her lashes. Then it somehow migrated up to those eyebrows and drag queens the world over heaved a collective sigh of relief while the rest of us turned to drugs and alcohol.

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