Past Imperfect – #317

SR 1317

Joan: “What do you mean you won’t allow me to check in to this hotel?”

Desk Clerk: “We have a strict policy against letting people into the building with eyebrows that are bigger than the Chrysler Building. It’s a structural issue, and we can’t jeopardize the safety of the other guests. I’m sure you understand.”

Joan: “No, I don’t understand. This is discrimination. I was born this way!”

Desk Clerk: “No you weren’t. You would never have made it out of the womb with those speed bumps. Come back and see us when your gardener has had a chance to hack at those things with a weed-whacker.”


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    • LOL! And topping it all of is the shadowy cinematography combined with the precision spotlighting so that the image is seared in our minds, and we will have a sleepless night, terrified that those evil eyebrows might be lurking under our bed…


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