Past Imperfect – #306

SR 1306

Father: “You’ve disappointed me again, Clara.”

Clara: “Whatever could you mean, Father?”

Father: “Coming home drunk again, all tarted up and messy.”

Clara: “How could you possibly think I was drink?”

Father: “”Because you’re talking to the hat rack over there, and I’m over here.”

Clara: “Oh. I was just… it’s an acting thing we learned about… in acting class… where we learn about acting with our eyes… so that we can… what was the question? Do we have any pickles?”

Father: “Do you also learn how to reek of gin in this acting class?”

Clara: “Yes! It’s very avenue garde… like what they do in France… when they are not… making cheese and… French stuff.”

Father: “Clara, your mother and I are very worried about your shameful behavior.”

Clara: “Oh, is Mother here? Is that her behind you? Hi, Mother! That’s a very pretty hat!”


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    • But at least Clara seemed to have a swell time no matter what she was doing, so I’ll give her props for that. (And as for the Book of Face thing, I might be right behind you. I’m just not having any fun over there any more…)

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  1. Oh, I still have the fun. And it is damn near the only way that I have to keep up with friends, both back home in L.A. and even in this Gods-forsaken outpost. But I am having high emotional drama of a very upsetting, painful and FAMILY nature that I have just had to remove myself to give my brain a few days to reboot. Knowing me, I won’t be able to stay off long. I get so bloody lonely without the damn thing. Come darling — drag your significant other kicking and screaming into the real fake world of Hollywood and help me blow this popsicle stand! Just think of it — an arists compound and place for regular gin-swilling, or the libation of your choice. We could reconstruct our own Garden of Allah apartments. Recover the lost wit of the Algonquin luncheon table in the home of the fake sets in front of the real sets. Communes are gonna be ALL the rage as boomerang children refuse to leave, other children say hateful things to their poor, old mothers and it gets to blasted hard to meet the rent for a decent little villa on one person’s income…So much nicer than Texas…

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    • I had goosebumps when I read this: “We could reconstruct our own Garden of Allah apartments.” I am infatuated with that time and that place, seriously. Have we talked about this before, or do we just connect cosmically? In fact, now that I’m retired, I’ve been increasingly mooning over the concept of going to a writers’ retreat or at least some type of creative environment where I can just write, endlessly. Of course, I’m now dealing with that horrid “fixed income” reality that makes most of my yearnings unattainable, but still, we dream… 😉


  2. No, dear one, I do not believe that we have ever discussed the Garden of Allah before. But just think what we could do to bring it back! Sharing living areas, sharing ideas and works, sharing the liquor bill. So much possibility! And that is what that fixed income is for — to combine with other fixed incomes so we come up to something resembling a living wage. Ponder the possibilities — and the parties!

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