Delusional People

Past Imperfect – #305

SR 1305Buddy: “How about this pose? Does it make me look dashing?”

Photographer: “If by ‘dashing’ you mean spoiled brat showing off his toys then, yes, you hit the mark.”

Buddy: “Hey, now. You’re talking to a movie star. I was in the flick that won the first Academy Award for Best Picture.”

Photographer: “How fascinating. Get back to me when you cure cancer, then we’ll talk.”

Buddy: “Oh, come on. This is a DuPont Phaeton. It’s beautiful. Don’t you appreciate nice things?”

Photographer: “I appreciate getting paid on time, something that’s not going to happen unless you quit babbling like a schoolgirl.”

Buddy: “Look, what’s your beef with me, anyway?”

Photographer: “It’s the short pants. I just can’t take you seriously, no matter what comes out of your mouth.”


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