Past Imperfect – #300

SR 1300

On the surface, everything in this shot seemed to be working perfectly. Ginger looked rather ravishing, her skin aglow from a recent tryst in Big Sur. Her dress was divine, fashioned by an alcoholic designer who had sobered up enough to make sure the material was cut so that all of the right things would be accented. And her undergarments were nonexistent, one of the many clever ways in which the studios slipped things past the censors.

But the dark truth of the matter was that Ginger was forced to pose in this particular manner because the set decorators had gone on strike before the set had been properly decorated, leaving things incomplete. Ginger is not clutching the fake woodwork in the throes of simmering passion. She is holding up the woodwork so it doesn’t break lose and kill the bigger star who is about to make his entrance behind her…


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