Past Imperfect – #294

SR 1294

Bette: “Olivia, girlfriend, hold up a minute…”

Olivia: “God, this fried rice is so good. This is better than winning an Oscar.”

Bette: “You’ve got my hair caught in your chopsticks.”

Olivia: “You still have hair? I assumed that was a wig.”

Bette: “Don’t sass me, young lady. I won two of those Oscars while you were still figuring out that you had a vagina.”

Olivia: “I’ve won two as well, honey.”

Bette: “And I’m assuming you’re keeping them in that hairdo of yours?”


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    • LOL! Although it would be kind of fun to see the two of them in a martial arts movie, slicing away at their costars whilst spouting Shakespeare. Hmm. Perhaps I need to get out of the house more often…

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