Wrong on Many Levels

Past Imperfect – #289

SR 1289

Mop-Etta: “Do you really love me?”

Gene: “With all of my heart, because that’s what the lyrics in this song say.”

Mop-Etta: “But you understand that we can never have children because, well, I don’t have any lower organs.”

Gene: “It doesn’t matter, my floor-cleansing beauty. We can always adopt. I’m sure there’s an abandoned Swiffer out there that needs a good home. Besides, I’m probably sterile from wearing these high-waisted pants.”

Mop-Etta: “I’m so happy! And horny. Take me now and show me the man you can be. But first…”

Gene: “Yes, my bleach-scented beloved?”

Mop-Etta: “Could you shove me in that bucket over there and crank me through the wringer? There are some things in my hair that you really don’t need to know about.”


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