Past Imperfect – #288

SR 1288

Greta: “Oh, Robert, you must hold me now.”

Robert: “Of course, my darling. Whatever is the matter? You look a bit tepid despite the wonderful lighting.”

Greta: “It’s so awful. I don’t know where to begin.”

Robert: “Are you speaking of those horrid tassels on the left side of the screen?”

Greta: “Well, those are quite wretched, as if Shirley Temple exploded in here, but that’s not what’s troubling me.”

Robert: “Are you still annoyed that you now have to speak in films rather than just look pale and tragic whilst someone scribbles subtitles?”

Greta: “Well, I do miss the days when I didn’t have co-stars who improvised with the dialogue such as you are doing now, because there was no dialogue, but no, that’s not the source of my unbearable anguish.”

Robert: “My beloved, you know that I care for you, because it’s in our contracts that I do such, so share with me your torment and pain so that we can embrace during the fadeout.”

Greta: “Someone has glued a bird’s nest to the back of my head. And I don’t know what I’m going to do with all these eggs.”


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