Past Imperfect – #283

SR 1283

Clara: “How about we blow this joint and go do something fun?”

Milford: “I’m working, Clara. Somebody has to put food on the table.”

Clara: “What do you think I’m doing?”

Milford: “Indiscriminate and random carnality does not pay the bills.”

Clara: “You really don’t get out very much, do you?”

Milford: “I’m just saying that one of us has to be the practical and responsible person, especially when the other person appears to have a bouquet lodged in a personal area.”

Clara: “Oh, please. I’m the most popular actress in the movies right now. If this photo gets out, every girl in America will want to have a flower butt.”

Milford: “Fads come and go, my dear. The only thing you can depend on is money, and I need to ensure that we keep making it. Perhaps later we’ll have time for some giggle slap.”

Clara: “Sometimes you absolutely bore me, Milfie.”

Milfie: “I said we might get to that later. Now run along and water those things before they dry out.”


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