Rainbow People

Past Imperfect – #280

SR 1280

This is what happens when artsy people overthink things whilst posing for Selfies…

Poser on the Left: “Okay, I’m going to stand like this, and then you stand like you might really like me or you might think I’m a serial killer.”

Poser on the Right: “Got it. And then I’ll do this odd thing with my knee so people will think I have confidence issues.”

Left: “Good. And I’ll put my hand on my hip like I’m used to people taking my picture all the time. And you don’t put your hand on your hip, so they can’t really see your hips, making it even more unclear if you’re a guy or a girl.”

Right: “Wait a minute. Why do I have to be the one with confusing hips? Your hips aren’t all that. You could be either one as well.”

Left: “I’m smoking a cigarette. I look like the guy, that’s just how it works. Did you not read that article I sent you about stereotypes in modern culture?”

Right: “Yes, I read it, and then I threw it away. It was stupid. Just like these stupid hats that you found wherever you shop for stupid things.”

Left: “Oh, so it’s about the hats now? What about these high-water pants you insisted that we wear? What was your thinking with that decision? Let’s make sure that everyone knows we are hillbillies?”

Right: “I didn’t have to worry about that angle. You took care of the hick factor by making us stand on this country-ass road in the middle of nowhere.”

Left: “Why are you so bitter?”

Right: “Why do you always have to make me look like I’m the submissive one?”

Left: “Where is that coming from? We’re both wearing ties. It symbolizes our equal status in the relationship.”

Right: “Well, if you’re going there, I should point out that my tie is bigger than yours, just like my-”

Photographer: “I don’t care who has what type of equipment in your ambisexual high-waters, you need to shut up for two seconds so I can take this picture.”



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