Past Imperfect – #264

SR 1264

Lady on the Left: “Wow. That’s some really interesting needlepoint you’re doing there.”

Lady on the Right: “Why, thank you. I’m making a commemorative swatch of the night I killed my husband.”

Left: “How fascinating. May I ask a question?”

Right: “Of course. I just admitted to taking the life of another human being and you didn’t run away, so I’m thinking we’ve bonded a bit.”

Left: “What’s that silver thing that you’ve accented with scarlet thread?”

Right: “It’s a meat cleaver. It’s what I used to make him finally shut up.”

Left: “Really? Isn’t that a bit harsh?”

Right: “Have you ever had a husband who complained every night about the quality of the steak you put on his dinner plate?”

Left: “Well, no, not that I recall. But did it ever occur to you to just get a divorce?”

Right: “Oh…”


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