Past Imperfect – #263

SR 1263

Marlene: “It would be nice if you would actually pay attention when I wear a new outfit. Would it kill you to do so?”

Gary: “Well, to be fair, you haven’t said a word about my fetching Legionnaire hat. I had it especially made in Morocco.”

Marlene: “We’re already in Morocco. So you basically sat there and snapped your fingers.”

Gary: “You’re sounding rather bitter, even for someone from Germany.”

Marlene: “So you’re getting nationalistic now? How trite. I don’t know what I ever saw in you.”

Gary: “I’m guessing you saw my bank account.”

Marlene: “Fair enough. The numbers did make me tingle. My accountant actually did a handspring.”

Gary: “Are you sure he wasn’t trying to get away from the corpse of whatever bird you slaughtered in the making of that boa?”

Marlene: “You do make me laugh, even when you annoy me. Perhaps we should try to work this out? Should I order another round?”

Gary: “When would that ever not be a good idea? But I do have one final question.”

Marlene: “Ask away.”

Gary: “What’s up with the wicker basket? Is Toto in there?”


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