Past Imperfect – #261

SR 1261

Man: “You just go up those stairs over there, take the elevator down to platform 3, get on the District Line going east, get off at the Stepney Green station, and then walk two blocks down Globe Road.”

Woman: “But why are you sending me there?”

Man: “Because that’s the local headquarters for the Democratic Party.”

Woman: “But why can’t I stay here?”

Man: “Because this is the Republican headquarters. And we don’t allow women to ask questions.”


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  1. Especially NOT women whom have been through the intern’s gauntlet (hence the white faced shocked look and the dress, whose bodice is open enough for a girl to pop out and say “Hello WORLD!” And it’s good practice to share the bounty…they’re ALL ‘good ol’ boys’ clubs’ regardless of their ass or elephant allegiance..

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  2. Alternatively it’s the director from a scene of “Tale of Two Cities” saying “Dammit woman! Can’t you see that BIG SHINY THING WITH THE BLADE over there?? It’s a guillotine! (I expect brownie points for being able to spell guillotine btw). Actress: “Oh but SIR, can’t you see my milk white shocky bad traffic accident victim visage and wild hair? I’ve been up ALL NIGHT LONG trying to get the lines straight in my muddled girly head. Dickens was a wicked old bastard with his insistence on proper English usage and expecting a modern woman to be able to SPEAK IT? Cruel, cruel beyond tolerance I tell you!”
    Weirdo leering over actress’ shoulder expecting a peep at the girl who is vainly trying to escape the untied bodice lacing: Oh Bruce! Let her rest. Can’t you see her breast is heaving and she’s clearly in need of some decent stage direction?”
    Actress nee Mary Pickford in Whiteface: “Fine! I’d rather have that thing chop my unruly curls off than be molested further by Dr. Strangefruit and his minions..Let them ALL EAT CAKE!”

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    • And the most useful gem from all of the pearls you offer here: The concept that people who cannot speak intelligently and clearly could face capital charges and be punished accordingly. Now, I’m not such a fan of the beheading angle. I would prefer something along the lines of “Ye are hereby vanished and can never show your face in these parts again!” I’m good with that…

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