Past Imperfect – #259

SR 1259

10 Odd Things about This Photo

  1. The birthday-cake hat. You can’t miss it, might as well get it out of the way. What the hell is she going to do when some drunk fool takes a Zippo to those candles?
  1. The strange hair curl that looks like she has a pasty stuck on her forehead. Does Mommy have a second job at night? Is she not any good at it?
  1. The manic glee in her eyes as she views her reflection. Girl, you ain’t that cute.
  1. The hand mirror that she apparently stole from the crypt of an English queen that died in 1392.
  1. The Goth fingernail polish. She probably listens to Perry Como backwards.
  1. The serial-killer wallpaper. Who could possibly stare at that mess all day without having severe social issues?
  1. The vulgarity of the bed ornament.
  1. The weird watermark you can see in the curtains and the headboard, if you zoom in, which is probably a cryptic code meant to activate sleeper cells of Stepford Wives. Next thing you know, Sarah Palin will knock on the door and announce her candidacy for President.
  1. The creepy, death-stork aspect of the dispensers in the lower right. If you wake up in the middle of the night and those things appear to have moved closer to the bed, you better run.

10. The fact that this picture was even taken in the first place. And then somebody saved it because they actually wanted to look at it again.


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