Past Imperfect – #253

SR 1253


Drunk Lady #1: “This pizza is so good. If the man who invented pizza walked by right now I’d bang him right here on these steps. And then take a nap.”

Drunk Lady #2: “I keep missing my mouth. Why is this so hard? Hey, what happened to my shoes?”

Drunk Lady #3: “Silly, you traded them for the pizza. We spent all our money on tequila shots. Wait, maybe that was last weekend. Anyway, I think we should sing now. I have a very important song about muskrats. Or maybe it’s musketeers. Something musky, I don’t know, but the chorus is really good.”

Drunk Lady #4: “Oh my God! My plate is empty! Somebody stole my pizza! I’m so sad now. I need to write a poem about my pain. Oh wait, here’s my pizza, it was just upside down. Why are my fingers greasy? Are we still in Newark?”

Little Girl in the Background: “Seriously? They can get away with that mess but I get in trouble if I’m heard and not seen? I can’t wait until I’m old enough to drink and be a tramp.”


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