Past Imperfect – #244

SR 1244

Giselle, on the Right: “Whatever are you working on, darling?”

Veronique, on the Left: “Oh, I’m just jotting down a few notes for when the police arrive. Don’t mind me.”

Giselle: “The police? That seems rather intrusive. Why on earth would they do that?”

Veronique: “Well, I did just happen to kill the man who used to be sitting on the other side of me.”

Giselle: “Really, now? How exciting! Your life is so much more interesting than mine. May I ask what led to this development?”

Veronique: “It was absolutely horrible. He made a negative comment about my hat.”

Giselle: “How appalling! Clearly the man does not recognize Chanel when he sees it, so of course he had to die.”

Veronique: “Precisely. It was a mercy killing, really. Still, it won’t be long before some fool finds his body in the loo and proceeds to make a fuss about the discovery. You know how those working-class people are, always bellowing about something they don’t like.”

Giselle: “Perhaps we should depart, to avoid all that annoying mess with the commoners forgetting who has trust funds and who doesn’t.”

Veronique: “Are you daft? I haven’t finished my coffee yet.”


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