Past Imperfect – #234

SR 1234

8 Points of Consideration Whilst Reviewing this 1948 publicity still of Jane Greer:

  1. What’s the oddly-placed tassel all about? Does she inflate when you pull it?
  1. Why is she waving the sunglasses around instead of wearing them? Did no one explain to her how they worked?
  1. What is the symbolism of the tiger fish swimming through flames on the garment barely covering her crotch?
  1. Why are her legs crossed? This is Hollywood, right?
  1. Who would wear those clunky-ass shoes in 1948? Those won’t be in style for another three decades.
  1. Who built that crappy chimney? Somebody who doesn’t own a level? It surely can’t be up to code.
  1. What is she looking at? The admirable career she might have had if she hadn’t decided to do cheesecake in the skies?
  1. What the hell is she doing on the roof?


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