Past Imperfect – #230

SR 1230

Nancy: “Would it be rude of me to mention that something about your staging of this scene is a bit off?”

Director: “What? Do you not have enough spotlights on you?”

Nancy: “Why do you want me to sit like this? What woman would do that at her dressing table? Gypsy Rose Lee?”

Director: “We paid five thousand dollars for that outfit. It’s going to get a cameo in this movie come hell or high water.”

Nancy: “Five thousand dollars for this tacky tribute to the North Pole? Somebody somewhere is an idiot.”

Director: “That someone is the producer. He saw it on QVC.”

Nancy: “Figures. Fine, I’ll do the scene this way. But there’s one other thing.”

Director: “Dear Lord, give me the strength.”

Nancy: “Can you have someone fix that jacked-up curtain in the lower right? It’s throwing off my concentration.”

Director: “Why can’t you just step over there and do some fluffing?”

Nancy:  “Because I can’t move. I’m trussed up like a turkey waiting for the oven to pre-heat.”


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