Past Imperfect – #198

SR 1198

The next day, all of the speaker boxes in Row Two were in mourning, as one of their own had been felled. The night before, a truck full of rednecks from Pawhuska had failed to roll down their window and disengage the audio contraption as they were leaving, which resulted in Speaker Box #13 being ripped from the ground, pole and all, and dragged down Highway 244. It was a tragic, heartless development. In the background, the playground equipment in Story Book Lane stood in sad solidarity to show support for the surviving speaker boxes, with the swings not moving and the merry-go-round refusing to turn…


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  1. I remember going to the drive in with my cousins (dad/uncles) and seeing Grease like 5 times and Smokey and The Bandit like 5 times. We could load up the station wagon or truck and hide people. I LOVED going…even with the crappy speakers. Then they had things that worked through your radio at one point. Crappy butter and bathrooms, but fond memories. If you got tired, you laid down in the back seat.

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    • Flop,

      I am SO with you on this. I loved going to the drive-in when I was little. There was just so much more you could do that you couldn’t get away with at a “regular” movie theater where you had to sit still and be quiet. You could bang around in the playground (even if some of the older kids were asshats), there was the tantalizing concession stand where you could get grease-dripping treats (if you could con some money out of your parents, that is) and you could make friends with complete stranger kids from the exotic “other side of town”. Or you could just sit in the car, laughing and screaming with your family, depending on the movie, and you could all quote the best lines because you really did end up seeing some of the movies a hundred times. And yes, there was the luxury of napping in the back seat if you got a little tuckered out. Good times.

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