Past Imperfect – #195

SR 1195

Driver #909: “Heads up, #937. Whatever you do, don’t pick up a guy wearing a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt and a belt buckle the size of a Buick. He is smashed on hurricanes and hollering some crazy nonsense about Texas becoming its own country.  Nobody cares but he won’t shut up.”

Driver #937: “That sounds like every third guy staggering  down Bourbon Street.”

Driver #909: “Yeah, but this guy takes the cake. He peed off the back of my car!”

Driver #937: “Is that what that was? I thought you were losing brake fluid.”

Driver #909: “Say, why aren’t you moving? This isn’t a regular stop.”

Driver #937: “Well, we got some woman on here claims her son is missing. I think she’s lit like everybody else, but I gotta check it out. You haven’t seen a little boy running around all by himself have you?”

Driver #909: “Nope, haven’t seen anything like that, and I don’t miss a thing on my watch.”


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