Past Imperfect – #179

SR 1179

Farley: “But do you even know why I’m smiling?”

Robert: “That line isn’t in the script.”

Farley: “Nor is my attraction to you.”

Robert: “Really? Well, we just took a turn I wasn’t expecting.”

Farley: “Oh, please. You’re the one that ordered the 120-proof bottle of liquor over there.”

Robert: “I didn’t order… it’s just a prop, Farley. Besides, I thought you were dating Shelley Winters.”

Farley: “Who hasn’t dated Shelley Winters? Besides, I just spin the wheel. Today it landed on you.”

Robert: “You realize that my landing pad only accepts a certain anatomy, right?”

Farley: “Just swig a few shots. Then we’ll talk.”

Alfred Hitchcock: “Cut! And print. We’ll never use it in the movie, but someday they’ll invent Logo TV.”


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