Poor Choices

Past Imperfect – #144

SR 1144

Sadie is very, very happy. Sadie is also very, very drunk. Behind her, Baby Sadie (so named because Momma Sadie had focus issues when it came time to fill out that birth certificate) is just realizing that she will once again have to find a nice gentleman to take both of them home. This is exactly what Momma Sadie wants, because Momma is a bit of a tramp and doesn’t care who helps her wash the sand out of her cracks. Baby Sadie will one day pen a memoir entitled “What I Wish I Hadn’t Done on my Summer Vacation”, and the tome will rocket to the top of the bestseller lists, making her a millionaire. Baby Sadie will not mention this development to Momma, who is in perpetual rehab, because karma is a beach…


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