Month: March 2015

Past Imperfect – #95

Norma was rather fond of the contraption created by her hair stylist, especially the medallion in the midst of it all that seemed to indicate she had won an award of some kind. But then the Federal Aviation Administration stepped in and asked her to leave the country […]

Past Imperfect – #94

Angelina was not in a festive mood. She had only agreed to pose for the up-and-coming photographer due to a whimsical bet that had gone awry at the country club. Then there was that whole mess with some government guy wanting to speak with her about the legal […]

Past Imperfect – #93

Marguerite found herself rather fetching as she gazed into her boudoir mirror. Sadly, that “dewy glow” was courtesy of Marie Curie Cosmetics (the “Effervescence!” line), a company that embraced Marie’s infatuation with all things radium. Marguerite would soon have annoying skin issues, but at least she was comforted […]

Past Imperfect – #92

Katharine took a deep breath. Then, to the best of her frazzled ability, explained to her beloved but oftentimes hated immediate relatives, that if she was going to make the effort to button this many buttons on a rigidly-confining outfit, then the tea service should arrive in the […]

Past Imperfect – #91

Alfred was firmly convinced that he was being shunned in collegiate society due to his affinity for sitting very close to other men. In reality, the shunning was due to his inability to properly smoke a cigarette in a social setting, and that just wouldn’t do if one […]

Past Imperfect – #90

Even though the children from the orphanage were disappointed that Uncle Bunkle’s Fun-O-Rama was closed for the day due to a surprising malfunction that would probably result in a lawsuit, they were just happy to be away from the dank air of their prison world. Except for Celia, […]

Past Imperfect – #88

Myrna gleefully lets her many paramours know that she is not pregnant after all, it was just an especially vindictive gas bubble and a neurotic need for attention on her part. Celebrations ensued. The next morning, Myrna was not only without child, she was without paramours…  

Past Imperfect – #86

Delilah was in a woeful state, plagued by many troubling issues. She had recently lost her job due to a misunderstanding about the proper time for alcohol consumption. She had lost her favorite boyfriend because she didn’t realize that she was only supposed to have one. And most […]